Before Reserving


Before making wedding reservations, please make sure the following requirements can be satisfied:

  • At least one of the parties (the bride or groom) requesting a wedding must be a baptized practicing Catholic and currently registered in a parish.
  • Any previous marriages by either the Catholic or Non-Catholic party must already be annulled or the proper paperwork finalized. This includes weddings that took place outside of a Catholic church.
  • There is a nine-month minimum requirement for marriage preparation. *No weddings can be scheduled with less than nine months notice.*  This preparation may be completed in your own parish or with one of our priests at the Cathedral as described here:

If one of our priests is presiding at the wedding:

  • Meet with one of our priests to go over the A-form to ensure freedom to marry in the Catholic Church.
  • Attend an AOD-approved marriage seminar and show us the certificate of proof. We recommend one of our own Marriage Workshop Days, or the weekend retreats at either St. Anastasia in Troy or Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, or Bright Beginnings.  To learn more about the Cathedral’s next Marriage Workshop Day, please connect with our wedding coordinator.
  • Complete the PREPARE assessment and meet with a counselor to go over the results.  More details about that are here: PREPARE


  • A clear letter from your priest/deacon/church saying you have completed marriage preparation, which must include an AOD-approved marriage seminar and some type of compatibility assessment portion.

If your own priest or deacon is presiding at the wedding:

  • Turn in the completed A-form or a copy of the completed A-form.
  • Submit a signed letter from your priest/deacon saying you have completed marriage preparation with his oversight.


Step One:

Contact the wedding coordinator to check the availability of your selected wedding date or to request a list of available wedding dates and times. Weddings are held on Fridays at 3PM and 5PM as well as on Saturdays at 2PM, 4PM, and 6PM. ** Beginning January 1, 2019, our Saturday wedding time slots will be different.  They will be 11 AM, 1:30 PM and 4 PM.**

**Please note that wedding dates cannot be reserved until all of the required paperwork (described below) is received.**

Step Two:

Send (by mail or email) the following required documents to the Cathedral:

  1. Wedding Agreement
  2. Preliminary Wedding Registration Form.
  3. Priest Permission Letter. Only one permission letter is required and can be obtained from either the bride’s or groom’s parish priest.
  4. Newly Issued Baptismal Records (1 or 2) – newly issued records are required for each Christian member of the couple and must be obtained from the church where the baptism took place.  These records need to be dated within the last six months at the time of submission.  If that particular parish is now merged or closed, you may need to contact the local Archdiocesan or Diocesan Archives Office. (Detroit’s Archives Office can be reached at 313-237-5846.)  For baptized Non-Catholic parties, a copy of their original baptismal record should also be submitted.

Step Three:

Once the documentation noted above is received, it will be reviewed by the Cathedral Staff. After review, Fr. Mech’s or Fr. Gonyeau’s contact information will be sent to you to schedule your initial meeting if one of them is presiding; otherwise you will meet with your presider.

Step Four:

Bring your Marriage License (and all associated documentation from the County Clerk) in to the main office TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the wedding.

Timing Options

Weddings are held on Fridays and Saturdays in all liturgical seasons. Friday weddings can be scheduled at 3 PM or 5 PM. Saturday weddings can be scheduled at 2 PM, 4 PM, or 6 PM – all depending on the availability, of course.  ** Beginning January 1, 2019, our Saturday wedding time slots will be different.  They will be 11 AM, 1:30 PM and 4 PM.**

On the day of your wedding, the bridal party will be able to arrive one hour before the scheduled start of your ceremony. You will then have 1-½ hours for the ceremony and pictures after.

For instance, a wedding scheduled at 4 PM will be able to arrive at 3:00 and will have until 5:30 PM to finish all photography in the Cathedral. This allows approximately 25 minutes for pictures; however, this is just an estimate and not a guaranteed amount of time for photos – since the length of the ceremony itself is unpredictable. Please click on the following sample timeline for more information.